Kamaco Solutions, LLC

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We are dedicated to supplying our customers with a wide array of aviation and aerospace components.  The company’s goal is to provide our customers with services and supplies at a competitive cost.  We strive to assist in creating efficient solutions and services to help our customers with their specific needs.  Currently we are a small business with expectations of growing to advance our services in this industry.  

The company was founded by Dr.Cedric Alexander, on the principle that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to society and the community. We hope this principle will guide us for decades to come but it will be the relationships we build with our customers that dictate the success of this company. The problems, the needs and even the desires of our customers will continuously inspire us to innovate and develop complete solutions, not just products. We will engage and listen to our customers; and this is how we’re able to see the aviation industry as they do. The industry they see is the one we’re committed to improving.

The ability to procure world-class products in the aviation and aerospace industry is our commitment to attracting partnerships with a growing number of enterprises worldwide. The relationship we are building with supplier and manufactures across the globe will elevate KAMACO to the top of the aviation industry. 

KAMACO has much to be proud of during this first year of operation but it is to the future we look. We have our guiding vision and our strategy to become a global leader in the aviation and aerospace industry which is our principal market. From building sound relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, our efforts will be grounded by those we serve, the (Warfighters) and by whose perspective we are inspired.